Sigma Xi 2018 winners

MSP Participants 2018

Three MSP students received awards at the 2018 Sigma Xi conference in Burlingame, CA. One of them conducted their research at UCI and the other two conducted their research during the summer at Stanford Universtiy and Dartmouth College. All of them are UCI undergraduates.

The following list includes the name of the MSP student that received the award (first author of the poster), the name of co-authors and principal investigator (last author), research title and category of the award:

Paul R. Hernandez, Dr. Iván Muñoz-Gutiérrez, and Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo (PI). Research Title: Plasmid Disseminated Around the World Found in a Multidrug Resistant Environmental Escherichiacoli Carrying a Novel β-lactamase Antibiotic Resistance Gene. Poster Category: Microbiology and Molecular Biology.

Alexis Villani, Zachary Harvey, and Daniel Jarosz (PI from Stanford University). Research Title: Integrating the role of genetic and physical interactions in multi-subunit prion conformers. Poster Category: Cell Biology and Biochemistry.

Oluwaseun Adegbite, John Crow, and Daniel Schultz (PI from Dartmouth College). Research Title: Efficient Induction of Resistance Genes is Important for Bacterial Survival Under Transient Drug Conditions. Poster Category: Student Poster Choice.