MSP wins big with 10 awards at the 2020 ABRCMS Virtual Conference!

10 MSP students won awards at the 2020 ABRCMS Virtual Conference.

ABRCMS attracts approximately 2,300 undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students from over 350 U.S. colleges and universities. The following list includes the name of the MSP student that received the award (first author of the poster), the name of co-authors and principal investigator (last author), research title and category of the award:

Mohamed Ahmed, Dr. Amelie Garenaux, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo. IS26-flanked region carrying rare sul3 sulfonamide resistance gene found in a multidrug resistant conjugative plasmid from an environmentally isolated Escherichia coli. Poster Category: Microbiology 
Felix Argueta, Dr. Andrei Tatarenkov, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo. Plasmid Found in a Wild Bird from New York City Carries Virulence and Antibiotic Resistance Genes. Poster Category: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 
Abigail Armenta, Dr. Amelie Garenaux, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo. Unique Association of Antibiotic and Heavy Metal Resistance Genes on a Conjugative Plasmid from an Environmental Klebsiella pneumoniae. Poster Category: Physiology and Pharmacology 
Alejandra Baron, Dr. Amelie Garenaux, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo. First report of a class 1 integron containing multi drug resistance region found in an environmental Citrobacter freundii. Poster Category: Physiology and Toxicology 
Casadora Boone, Dr. Amelie Garenaux, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo. Environmental Escherichia coli Isolate Contains Conjugative Plasmid with IS26-flanked blaCTX-M-15 in a Multidrug Resistance Region. Oral Presentation Category: Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Health 
Luis Escalante, Dr. Andrei Tatarenkov, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo. Multidrug resistant plasmid containing a class 1 integron found in an environmental Citrobacter freundii. Oral Presentation Category: Computational and Systems Biology 
Megan Garcia, Dr. Andrey Tatarenkov, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo. Novel Multidrug Resistance Region Formed by Multiple Gene Mobilizations on a Klebsiella pneumoniae Plasmid. Poster Category: Developmental Biology and Genetics 
Lizeth Gutierrez, Dr. Amelie Garenaux, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo, Novel Multidrug Resistance IS1 Composite Transposon Found in an IncX1 Plasmid from an Environmental Escherichia coli. Oral Presentation Category: Physiology and Pharmacology & Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Health 
Marize Rizkalla, Dr. Amelie Garenaux, Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo. Global Distribution and Accumulation of Resistance and Virulence Genes in an Environmental Escherichia coli ST38. Poster Category: Microbiology 
Gabriela Salcedo, Dr. Gregory Weiss. Reengineering the Specificity of the Highly Selective Clostridium botulinum Protease via Directed Evolution. Oral Presentation Category: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology”