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MSP Seminar Series

School of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine
Minority Science Programs (MSP) Theory and Research Seminar (Bio Sci 197) 
Spring 2020 | Zoom | Thursdays 5:00- 6:20 PM
Instructors: Dr. Michael Buchmeier and Dr. Luis Mota-Bravo
 Biology of regeneration – question more than skin
2-AprilMaksim Plikus, PhD
 Associate Professor
 Developmental and Cell Biology, UC Irvine


Michael Buchmeier, PhD


Infectious Diseases, Cellular Molecular Biology, UC Irvine


 How do periods of awake rest benefit memory retention?
16-AprilArielle Tambini, PhD
 Assistant Professor
 Neurobiology and Behavior, UC Irvine
 Engineering Proteins for New Therapeutic and Diagnostics
23-AprilGregory Weiss, PhD
 Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, UC Irvine
30-AprilMSP Special Session
 Coping with change when you are a microbe: from single-cell behavior to the evolution of interactions
7-MayAlejandra Rodriguez Verdugo, PhD
 Assistant Professor
 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine
14-MayMSP Special Session
 Catalysis for Renewable Fuels
21-MayJenny Y. Yang, PhD  
 Assistant Professor
 Chemistry, UC Irvine


Senior Panel